Online Appraisals

I can complete an online appraisal and send it to you by email if you complete the form providing me with basic information. I will only complete appraisals on items that are valued at under $3,000 because I feel that items over $3,000 are best dealt with by actually examining the item.

If you decide to do an online appraisal please indicate if you are requesting an Insurance Appraisal or a Market Value Appraisal. Insurance appraisals provide replacement values and a Market Value Appraisal provides auction values which are often used for re-sale. The charge for an online appraisal is $35.00. All payments can be made through PayPal.

If your item is worth more than $3,000, I will contact you by email to discuss your options for an appraisal. Otherwise I will send you a PDF of the completed appraisal within two days of receiving the request. Thank you!

Fill out my online form.